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Drones X5 Use In The Marine and Yachting Environment

New Drones include Optical Recognition cameras and software that should have the capability of landing the Drone in very windy conditions and onto a moving yacht or ship.

Keep in mind that in windy conditions or if you are operating on a moving yacht or even a passenger cruise ship, you may need to fly the Drone out in front of the yacht or ship and then let the Drone “drift” back into landing position while slowly bringing the Drone down to the deck. I witnessed a Drone operator attempting to land his Drone on a cruise ship that was moving at 20+ knots. Instead of employing the above technique, the operator panicked because his Drone battery was running low (!!) and attempted to land the Drone by moving the Drone mid-ship and then flying the Drone sideways to land on the upper deck. The operator had absolutely no control trying to run sidewise in 20+ knots of wind and totally destroyed his $4,000 drone when is crashed into the steel upper structure of the cruise ship!

Conclusion: drones x5 are magnificent tools for yachting or marine use, however, operators must be aware of their limits, set up procedures, safety, have the required tools and spare parts aboard to fully enjoy and make us of Drones incredible capabilities.